Terms & Conditions

For Services Supplied by Ahead Learning

Susannah White agrees to:

  • Provide advice on parent/carer-led informal assessment processes and support of able children to the best of her ability, experience and knowledge, using information provided by the parent/carer

  • Provide a written report detailing findings of any assessments and advice on any specific issues that have arisen

  • Provide a clear quotation for service


The service provided by Ahead Learning does not include:

  • Psychological testing - this needs to be done by an educational psychologist if deemed necessary

  • Ongoing support or mentoring, unless arranged with the parent/carer

The Parent/Carer agrees to:

  • Provide accurate information regarding their child in order to facilitate the service

  • Pay the amount owed to Susannah White within two weeks of receiving the written report

  • Raise any complaints or dissatisfaction directly with Susannah within one month of receiving the written report

  • Consult their GP or health visitor if they are concerned about the well being of their child

  • Continue to take full responsibility for decisions regarding the education of their child

Ahead Learning